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    April 11, 2017 | Blog
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    Latest Electrician NewsWelcome to our news page, here you will find the Latest Electrician News and information from the world of electrical regulation, innovation and developments.  We also want to add a little history behind some of the changes that have occurred throughout the last 20 years. While we are your local electrician in Epping we also have an interest in keeping up to date with all thats happening in the industry so we can give you the best & most up to date information relevant to your work. Maybe even suggest a few ideas you have not thought of?.

    Not Just a Local Electrician

    Although our role has not changed much over the last 20 years the things that effect what we do have. There has been a mountain of regulation changes and amendments over this time. This includes the introduction of Metal Consumer units in 2016 (see our Consumer Unit page).  We have seen the subject of electrical safety become the first and last thought in what we do. The introduction of PART P registration in 2005 which looked to bring some much needed regulation to the domestic market. The principle works yet there are still far to many so called “electricians” out there doing works for customers. These customers are not aware their tradesman is not licensed / qualified or insured and this has to stop.

    What does the future hold for the humble electrician?

    Were in a new era…. the electric car is with us and its comes with a whole new host of electrical problems I’m sure. Its a great thing to see them arrive and the future is now changing everyday as these cars are adopted by more drivers. The problems could lay in our already overstretched infrastructure, if we all had electric cars tomorrow could we all plug them in? Maybe not!.

    There is hope, in the coming years (even now) there will be Micro Generation systems which could be completely off grid!. These could in theory run our homes and our cars from electricity generated from Micro Generation systems. The power from these systems is then stored in batteries. We can then draw our usage from them when its needed, effectively taking us of the grid system. Energy saving schemes have effected us all (LED lights in our homes, solar panels on our roof etc). This means we use less power than ever before!.

    We will look at each of these subjects in more detail soon, its food for thought though.



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