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    We specialise at installing Consumer Units (Used to be called Fuse Boxes) when they become in need of updating or when they go wrong. Consumer Units are basically another electrical appliance you have in your home. Many people inherit these appliances with the house when they buy it and while its working most of us pay it little attention. Consumer Units though do need some maintenance or at least a inspection once in a while. 

    If you think about the appliances in your home then how many would you say last you up to 20 years? not many. Also as our homes grow with more and more appliances we never give the poor old Consumer Unit (fuse box) any thought as to if it is still up to the ever increasing work load we put it through. With this in mind we here at Esfix Electrical can look at your Consumer Unit (fuse box) and tell you if it requires updating / replacement, we can even date it simply by looking at it so we know how long its been installed. 

    Since January 2016 new Consumer Units installed in homes have to now be made of metal. This update in the rules is designed to improve fire safety in homes, if the Consumer unit goes wrong and its made of metal then its considered safer than the old plastic ones. With this said just because your current consumer unit may be plastic it does not mean its unsafe just that it does not meet the new standard so don't panic. 

    To see the new amendment Click Here

    We recommend that if your Consumer Unit (fuse box) does not have any inspection labels (with dates on) then it is time to have it looked at....