• Fault Finding

    Fault Finding is what we do. Were here when you need us the most, we provide a emergency call out service which can cover complete loss of power to just a few circuits or a single item. No matter how small your emergency if its important to you then its important to us. We do not charge any call out fee for Emergency Call Outs and we dont charge by the hour. We first assist you over the phone where ever possible and if the problem needs and engineer we will send one as quickly as possible. 

    Things not to do.....

    If you are experiencing an electrical fault its best not to try and reset / repair what ever device has tripped. The best thing is to give us a call on 0800 678 5406 and one of engineers will talk you through the process of checking to see whats gone wrong. If you have damaged a circuit or electrical fitting dont worry they can be fixed. The best thing to do if your worried about the damage is to isolate the power if it has not already happened and then call for assistance. Electricity is dangerous if not handled correctly, if you think your not sure what to do then best to leave it to a qualified person so as to avoid and accident or further damage to the electrics. 

     Most faults are quite simple in origin and we are always happy to assist no matter how small the problem, if its just a light not working or a socket wont run an appliance give us a call and we will send and engineer to have a look. All our costs are on a fixed price basis and we never carry any work out without first giving you a cost. No surprises guaranteed..