• Part P Electrician, Why do i need one?

    Part P Electrician

    Why do you need a Part P Electrician? Well to start Part P is the electrical section of the "Building Regulations". Its important that if you have any work carried out in your home that the electrician you employ (or if a contractor you employ such as a "Builder", "Plumber" etc uses a electrician) is qualified and registered through a Part P Competent Persons Scheme.

    There are a number of Part P Schemes in the UK and you can see if your electrician is registered with one of these companies Click Here

    Here at Esfix we are registered and insured to carry out all Part P installation work in Domestic properties. We are licensed with a Compentent Person Scheme called "Stroma". All our engineers carry a Stroma identity card when they visit you and will present it to you when they introduce themselves. 

    When you have work carried out that requires Part P certification then we will provide you with 2 certificates. The first is issued by ourselves and will be the installation certificate. This document is our declaration that the work we have done is safe to use and has been carried out to the current regulations BS7671 as issued by the IET.

    The second is a Part P Compliant Certificate, this is issued by our licensing body (Stroma). We provide them the details of the work carried out at your address and then they notify your local building control that the work has been carried out, who carried the work out and the date it was completed. These details are then entered into the local building control register where anyone can reference it, normally when you sell your house these details will be looked at to ensure any works carried out since 2005 are to Part P of the building regulations. 


    Helpful Links

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